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the Benefits of Women’s Only Rehab Programs

The emotional, cognitive and biological make-up of men and women are inherently different. The reasons why women get into substance abuse often differ from why men do the same. Experts therefore recommend gender specific rehab programs that address the varying needs of both men and women, while offering more specialised care. Inpatient treatment facilities without gender specific rehab programs often experience lower retention rates, more so among women. Here are some advantages of women’s only treatment centres.

Women’s Only Rehab programs are focused on addressing the unique needs of ladies. These centres emphasise on the structural difference and individual needs of women which ultimately leads to more adherence to treatment and higher retention rates. In most cases, women are more emotional compared to men, meaning that their triggers also vary to those of men. Women’s only rehab centres are better positioned to provide effective treatment due to their tailor-made programmes.

Providing coping skills is an essential part of recovering from addiction, especially among women. The majority of women that have ever battled addiction can attest to the fact that this was the most difficult part during their road to recovery. Too much shame and stigma gets projected on women that suffer from alcohol and substance abuse. Women’s only addiction programs are focused on empowering women with essential coping skills to accept the estate of addiction and overcome the shame that comes with the addiction, adhere to the process and ultimately become better functioning members of society.

Women’s only rehab programs are more effective at treating the underlying issues. In society, women usually get subjected to lots of horrible traumatic events, which could explain why some of them turn to addiction as a defence mechanism. Staff at women’s only rehab facilities understand this and therefore dig deeper into the underlying causes of their patients’ addictions using methods such as CBT to address deep emotional issues that could have caused addiction.

Women only rehab program emphasise on each individual and the unique set of problems that led them to addiction. These unique set of challenges get addressed adequately among fellow women facing addiction, which creates a good support system that hastens and makes the entire treatment and recovery process much easier. Women at such programs get a sense of community and family, which is key to them opening up to other women. Another huge advantage is it doesn’t stop there since the service gets extended after rehab to provide women a kind of lifeline they can rely on if they ever get into trouble.

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